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  • Preparing the site to build your home

    May 27, 2016 | Blog | admin
  • Preparing the site to build your new home

    Before you build your dream home, you will need to clear the site. How much you clear depends on what you are building, but for appearance's sake it makes sense to retain as much existing vegetation as possible. Follow these guidelines to get started.


    1. What building style to use

    The Lethbridge city council may have some say over which trees you can remove from around the site. You may need permission to remove trees which stand within only a few metres of the building; or the city may impose no restriction. Apart from the danger posed by forest fires, trees too close to the house may eventually disturb drains or driveways with their roots, resulting in expensive removal costs. Holes left by roots removed from the building site should be backfilled, preferably with a well-­compacted road-metal base.

    2. Beware of fires

    In order to minimize forest fire danger, choose a site well away from dense timber and heavy undergrowth — particularly on hillsides below your house location. Fire climbs faster than it descends. Beware of unbroken forest, high grass and scrub. Fire will accelerate until fields or open ground slow it.

    3. Choosing a site

    Few sites are perfectly flat and you may have to build on a levelled excavation. An excavator operator will use earth dug from the high side of the site to build up the lower side. Be sure to have the first scrapings of topsoil excavated into a heap to be spread back as garden soil when the job is finished. Also, make sure that the apron of excavated earth on the lower side is adequate as adding more earth later is not economical. Your levelled site should usually retain some fall (in the region of 1:50) to help with drainage unless it has been excavated truly level to take a concrete slab base.

    4. Choosing a builder

    If you plan to contract a builder, lets say Silver Star Custom Homes we will work with you and discuss options for the site or lot you've picked.

    Source YP.ca