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    • General Contractor Lethbridge

      Silver Star Custom Homes designs & builds homes with a full service range of expertise.

      When you make a decision to remodel in Lethbridge it can be difficult , Silver Star Homes strives for accurate estimates to communicate each detail of the project thoroughly. This ensures that each detail comes out just as you imagined it would, no surprises.

      Silver Star Homes strives to build a long lasting relationship with each client and communicate what we feel would be the best and most cost effective solution for each project. Your home is your statement and your sanctuary, our efforts make you feel comfortable with any renovations and earning your home. Our clients return and spread the word. 

      With work we do at Silver Star Homes, we have the special skill of being an exceptional general contractor. We set the right expectations, communicate throughout and manage time effectively to deliver high quality workmanship.

      For a free consultation on any renovation project please call 403 360 9542.